Young people have always led the way with technology, and now a generation of digital natives is growing up.

‘Lost Online’ is a digital piece (originally commissioned during lockdown by Z-Arts & HOME) and has began early development of adaptation into live performance for stage and non-traditional spaces, Chad has been exploring how young people respond to the online world – and how the digital world can impact on their mental health and their relationships with others.

Through the DCNW Research Programme, Chad delivered a series of creative workshops with groups of young people from Shockout Arts and The ASH Company (Aim Sky High Dance). Working with a wide range of ages from 10-27 years, he explored ideas such as how having a smart phone present could influence a young person’s response to dance. He questioned if we “dance for others” – and, if we put our phones away, do “we dance for ourselves” as a form of social activity – and, to what extent do the different scenarios affect a dancer mentally.

Creative Director/Choreographer: Chad Taylor
Videographer: Tae Dahunsi ‘iInvent’
Dancers: Ellis Brownhill, Alice Grimes, Tia Holden, Bailie Mcgloin, Miguel Semedo, Chad Taylor, Kyra Walters
Music Producer: Ezekiel Taylor ‘ZeekTheFreak’

Music (HOME’S HOMEMAKERS): Delay, Olswel, Prsces

Developed through DCNW Research programme. Supported by Z-arts & Shockout Arts Facilities. Creative learning supported by Shockout Arts & The ASH Company.

Lost Online Theatre Production
Lost Online Theatre Production
Lost Online Theatre Production

Screen the R&D performance of Lost Online:

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