Young people have always led the way with technology, and now a generation of digital natives is growing up.

Lost Online is inspired through young people and families’ use of dance challenges on TikTok and Instagram and creates a conversation between social media and hip-hop dance. Choreographer Chad Taylor allows dance to move between people who are physically apart, so they can dance together without being in the same place.

After years of limiting screen time for our children, our devices have become a portal to the outside world and a place for everyday creativity. This new piece is an exciting collaboration between dance and media, as we look to technology to replace physical proximity to each other, and as children and young people in particular use it to stay connected. Children and families are now using lockdown as an opportunity to meet online, dance together whilst staying apart and creating and maintaining interests and friendships. After years of differentiating “online” and “real life”, we’re all starting to realize that online is real life after all.

Creative Director/Choreographer: Chad Taylor
Videographer: Tae Dahunsi (iinvent)
Dancers: Chad Taylor, Bailie Mcgloin, Ellis Brownhill, Tia Holden, Kyra Walters
Music: Delay, Olswel, Prsces

Commissioned by Z-arts, STUN and Home as apart of the Homemakers project.

Lost Online Theatre Production
Lost Online Theatre Production
Lost Online Theatre Production